Monday, August 20, 2012

Twelve for '12: Much Needed Rest

It's been over two months since I met this goal:

6) Sleep through the night. I'll define this as 8 hours straight with no interruptions from children.

And the magical formula for making that happen? Further crossing off this goal:

8) Travel. To Illinois? To California? Just somewhere that requires me to board a plane.

In early June, I got the chance to spend a few days on my own, away from kids and all other demands on my time - except the necessity to admire my new niece Vianne which wasn't very taxing, with a high priority for sleep.

I was not disappointed. For three wonderful nights, I basically slept for as long as I wanted (10 hours at the longest). I went to bed mid-evening, read in the quiet of the guest room until I got too tired, and then woke to the warm California sunlight falling across the bed in the morning, and dozed off again a few more times as needed.


And you know what else? Just between you and me, I didn't even worry about my kids while I was away. Thanks, Thom!

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