Friday, May 25, 2012

Twelve for '12: Blue Bookshelf

You cannot even imagine the kind of satisfaction I have in reporting that I have now crossed another item off of the list. This item, to be exact:

9) Paint bookshelf. The paint was already purchased months ago.

This was one of those things that I honestly felt like I would never be able to do back a few months ago when I was in a baby fog. We bought the paint at least a year ago, maybe more, and Thom had even started sanding at one point, but then the winter hit and the bookshelf went into storage. More money spent on unachieved dreams. Sigh.

Well, my little Margot turned one today and a couple weeks ago the sun came out and I painted the bookshelf. Seems like we're accomplishing milestones left and right.

It really wasn't even that much work once I got started. I borrowed my mom's power sander to take off some of the thick previous paint, then got to work covering the entire shelf with two coats of blue.

A couple days to dry and voila! I finally decorated something in our home!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute! The orange storage boxes are a nice touch. The whole thing looks artfully staged, like something in a magazine.