Sunday, August 8, 2010

Relief, If Only Brief(ly)

A tiny piece of reconciliation happened last week. It was barely anything at all: a hello from out of the blue, when hope of a hello had long past. But it made my heart drop its burden (at least this particular one) and soar!

I have hope. And maybe a second chance. I want to do good with it. I am determined to approach with caution, and without presumption, but with openness, and mostly with kindness.

Relationships from the past need room to change. We change and grow and we don't like it when other people expect us not to have done so. I want to let people change and grow. Because if, after several years of reflection, I long so much for peace and reconciliation in my life, I should allow that others might as well.

We'll see. It may never go beyond this one hello, but even so, I'll take it. And relax just a little.

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