Monday, July 5, 2010

List It and Forget It

Items I am consciously trying to use or use up in order to avoid waste and/or accumulating too much:

- Plastic bags
- Food
- Baby clothes
- Stationery
- Post-its / Notepads
- Books
- Lotion
- Lip gloss / Lip balm
- Soap / Body wash

Addendum 7/9/10:
- Candles

Addendum 8/13/10:
- Coupons

Addendum 9/23/10:
- Gift bags

I list these both as confirmation of my attempts to "lighten up" in the sense of simplifying - i.e. owning less, appreciating my belongings, halting unnecessary consumerism, spending less money - and also to state that these kind of things actually make me feel guilty sometimes. A glimpse of a bottle of lotion given as a stocking stuffer two Christmases ago can sometimes make me feel like a wretch. I think that's wrong. I don't want to feel that way, but I also really want to use the lotion.


  1. This also serves as a useful list of what never to buy you. :) I have a whole stash of fun lotions and lip glosses and jewelry that remain in the bathroom cabinet. They make me sad when I see them, too. I feel that if I was a 'real woman' I would use them. But I don't.

  2. Please tell me how you deal with the baby clothes. For some reason, I am ridiculously attached to Lily's clothes. Meaning, that was a conversational topic while leaving the doctor's office when we found out baby #2 was a boy..."how are we going to get rid of the clothes?" Would love to hear your take as a sometimes-"saver" myself.

  3. Amy: yes, especially don't buy me plastic bags. ;)

    Michelle: I am already dreading making those decisions! I am far too emotionally attached to all of Bea's little things, even when she only wore them once or twice. I keep having the thought that I hope we have another girl so I will get to use them all again; since we plan to have more kids, I will push off the need to "let go" into the future and embrace IKEA storage containers for the present!

    For now, I am just struggling to manage the amount of clothes. This girl has more outfits than anyone needs, and she keeps getting more (like every time she sees her Grandma B!) I love the clothes because they are so completely cute, but I don't like using so much mental energy to make sure she cycles through them all and wears the smallest things first. It's a lot of work. Not to mention the fact that I keep accepting other people's hand-me-downs. I now have running lists of all the clothes I've borrowed so that I can properly dispose of those when the time comes. I will NOT create emotional attachments to hand-me-downs!