Monday, June 14, 2010

Overlooked Invitation

Weddings were apparently a dangerous direction to go because I believe I have opened the floodgates of regret.

Here's just a short one though:

In the stress and busy-ness of wedding planning, I accidentally overlooked inviting the Magill family who went to church with us to our wedding. My husband and I were becoming friends with the family, whose kids were part of our youth group, and I really wanted them to come, especially since the daughter told me (in an unrelated discussion) that she had never been to a wedding before.

We invited all the youth group kids and their parents, but somehow I missed the Magills. Thom even talked to them one Sunday, learned that they hadn't received an invitation yet, and told me about it, but I, in my extreme confidence in my own organizational abilities, dismissed him because I was sure I had sent them one. Later I saw that they weren't even on the invitation list and I still feel awful about it.

I really cannot undo this no matter how many times I go over it. The regret is absolutely futile so why do I keep it?


  1. Did you ever get to apologize to them? Not that you have to. I'm just wondering if that might bring you any closure.

  2. I can't remember if anything was said to them after the wedding, but before the wedding Thom told them that they were invited even though they hadn't received an invitation. I think they probably just felt weird about it, or it was too late for them to come or something. At any rate, it didn't seem like anything else could have been done...besides, we were still friends and had many other pleasant interactions over the next year - they clearly weren't offended. Just my unnecessary hang-up, I think...